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Online Coaching

In-person coaching post COVID-19


Do you have Creative dreams and aspirations?
We have the right course for you.


Specialised Advanced Course: for NIFT, NATA, NID, UCEED, JEE B.Arch, Srishti, Pearl

The most effective course to achieve your Designer/ Architecture dreams.


Design Foundation Course

Our Foundation Design programme is a great way to immerse yourself in a subject you are passionate about. Ideal course for the budding artist.


Design Exploration Course

This course allows learners to specialize in Art and Design giving them the opportunity to develop their Creative skills. Ideal course for the intermediate/ advanced artist.


Happy Artist Course (9-12 yrs)

These classes are for children who are both at beginner level or advance level.The classes include live online classes that are a perfect mix of interactive hands on projects along with carefully designed modules for all artistic levels.


Kiddy Bumpkins Course (6-8 yrs)

The classes designed with beginners in mind ,the lessons are perfect for 6-8 years.The teaching methodology is is kid -tested ,step by step method that inspires and delights your child into drawing action.

Trusted by some brands

My Master’s Strokes has been invited to various forums and Workshops by the best in the industry.

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